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Busy with work and need someone to monitor your child's homework? Worried that your child does not complete his/her school work? Your child is spending too much time on handphone or aimless at home? Why not send your child to us to do some productive work? Let our experienced homework supervisors ensure that your child completes his/her school work and provide timely feedback on your child's overall performance.


We offer 3 sessions a week or 5 sessions a week from 2-6pm with unlimited number of hours per session! This means you have the flexibility to choose and allow your child to stay throughout the 2-6pm slot or choose to come/leave at any timing in between 2-6pm to complete his/her school work every session of the week!

HSP 1: $150 / month ( 3 session per week, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm) 

HSP 2: $200 / month ( 5 sessions per week, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm) 


Sec 4 : POA Sunday 3-430pm

Sec 4 : POA Sunday 3-430pm


English has always been the key medium of instruction in our education system. Having a good start in English language acquisition is paramount to academic success in school. Praxis Academia focuses on establishing the foundation of English language in our children from pre-primary via primary to secondary school levels. Our programme covers:

  1. Phonics & Phonological Rules (Phonology);

  2. Word formation (Morphology and Orthography);

  3. Vocabulary (Semantics);

  4. Grammatical Rules and Sentence Construction (Syntax); and

  5. Use of English language (Pragmatics).

These five key components are introduced in the context of English children’s literature in order to promote and appreciate reading (including reading and listening comprehension as well as oral expression) and writing (including spelling, handwriting and free expression) because at Praxis Academia, we believe that “reading makes a man; writing, an exact man.” Both language and literacy skills are taught to our student to help them develop a strong linguistic foundation. Our English tutors are TESL/TESOL-qualified and have taught in schools before.


Praxis Academia keeps tab on the latest Ministry of Education (MOE) Mathematics syllabus for Primary Schools, Secondary Schools and Junior Colleges. Praxis Academia does not only prepare our students to be exam-ready, but also helps to develop the essential problem-solving skills (heuristics) for the students to tackle problems in the context of the real world. This is achievable through the following elements:

  1. Maximum engagement with experienced and well-trained Math tutors;

  2. Timely practice of carefully developed Mathematics worksheets;

  3. Early exposure to top school papers and examination type of Mathematics questions; and

  4. Training the analytical mind with our unique LMHots framework.



Science courses can be inherently difficult, even for students who are academically well-equipped. The rigorous content and amount of information that a student is responsible to know and apply can be daunting. As such, Praxis Academia Science’s philosophy is a radical departure from traditional uni-directional rote learning where our tutors engage students to understand the scientific concepts instead of memorizing them without understanding. This will help students in dealing with the increasing novelty questions in the National Examinations. Our experienced tutors will scaffold students’ learning, break the content down into small manageable chucks and guide students to develop a good discipline to review their learning after each lesson. Praxis Academia aims to assist students to achieve their academic excellence in all the topics covered in the national science curriculum.
Preschool and Kindergarten Programmes 
Phonics and Reading Programme
  • Letter Recognition 

  • Handwriting 

  • Basic Phonogram 

  • Consonant Blends

  • Phonological awareness 

  • Sight words 

  • Reading 

  • Comprehension skills

  • Counting

  • Comparing and Ordering Number 

  • Recognising Number

  • Adding and Subtracting 

  • Shapes 

  • Measuring 

  • Patterning 

  • Multiplying and Dividing 

  • Motion and Spatial Sense

  • Classifying and Analysing Data

Educational Therapy 

We provide screening and diagnostic assessment, psycho-educational evaluation and profiling, and strategic-diagnostic intervention for pre-school and school-age children with specific learning disabilities, literacy and numeracy difficulties, intellectual & developmental disabilities, social-emotional behavioural disruptions and autism spectrum disorders.


Our Educational Therapists come with qualifications ranging of a master, degree and/or diploma in Early Childhood Education, Special Needs Education and/or Dyslexia Studies. In addition, they are also part of the Fellow for the Reading Association Singapore and a Certified Special Needs Educational Therapist from International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT, USA).

Praxis Academia 

(a subsidiary branch of BLC est. since 2009)

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Singapore 618495
(We are located in Taman Jurong Community Club)

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