Educational Therapy 

We provide screening and diagnostic assessment, psycho-educational evaluation and profiling, and strategic-diagnostic intervention for pre-school and school-age children with specific learning disabilities, literacy and numeracy difficulties, intellectual & developmental disabilities, social-emotional behavioural disruptions and autism spectrum disorders.


Our Educational Therapists come with qualifications ranging of a master, degree and/or diploma in Early Childhood Education, Special Needs Education and/or Dyslexia Studies. In addition, they are also part of the Fellow for the Reading Association Singapore and a Certified Special Needs Educational Therapist from International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT, USA).

Book an appointment with us @ 9857 8818.

Praxis Academia 

(a subsidiary branch of BLC est. since 2009)

1 Yung Sheng Road #03-01
Singapore 618495
(We are located in Taman Jurong Community Club)

Tel: 69705505/ 98578818



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